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Strategy Success System™

Strategy and Leadership Performance Success System™

Understand the organization's vision

Develop the strategic plan

Develop values and principles

Align departmental goals with organizational strategies

Develop and implement Strategic Change Management

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Measure performance against competencies

Develop management's leadership skills

Coach leaders to manage performance

Developing a Strategic Change Plan


Developing a Strategic Change Plan allows your organization to create a roadmap for its people to reach their destination.  A well developed Strategic Change Plan will drive the change process from the highest level (vision, goals and objectives) to the day-to-day work.

In an economy of rapid change, the ability of your organization to continuously redefine its strategy and adapt to the demands of the market is essential. Most roadblocks to improvement experienced by organizations are due to a lack of clarity on strategy and direction.

Session Focus

This workshop is designed to assist the organization through the successful management of change, whether driven by growth, mergers, government legislation or other driving forces.  These initiatives have a huge impact on the organization and its’ people and if not successfully managed, the change will be difficult to the organization and its staff.


Who Should Attend?

Vice-Presidents, Directors and other members of senior management who are responsible to ensure successful implementation of a major change within their department or organization.

What You Will Learn

  • Identify a change process that the organization can easily apply.
  • Review selected documentation to determine issues, which should be addressed in the Strategic Change Planning process.
  • Analyze Stakeholder needs to determine what they want.
  • Conduct Environmental Assessment (Benchmarking) to determine what others have done and to identify organizational readiness.
  • Establish vision, goals and objectives for strategic change.
  • Develop the core set of values and principles that will identify the new “culture” will be developed for the organization.
    Identify communication channels for this change.
  • Establish goals for the strategic change.
  • Develop a strategy to implement the required change.
  • Conduct a Risk Assessment to uncover what might prevent total success.
  • Establish plans to manage risks.
  • Ensure that the driving forces of change are viewed as beneficial to the organization by all levels of employees.
Course Duration

2 Days




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