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Leaders often ask, "Why aren't we better at innovation?"  There are lots of examples out there and lots of advice.  But in reality innovation challenges differ from one organizationn to another.  Just as each innovation is unique, so is an organization's culture.  The process of innovation that works in one organization will not necessarily work in another one.

You must consider the unique culture of your own organization.  Each example of innovative organizations is unique.  Don't expect to immediately implement their approach to innovation.  Rather, examine your culture and benchmark it against others.  You will then know what you need to change in your culture in order to implement some of these best practices.

We can help you identify organizations to benchmark against so that you can understand how other organizations have created and sustained their strategies, cultures, and processes for innovation.  Then we will work with you to benchmark against other organizations, both within your industry and outside it.  This will help you to determine best practises in developing a culture of innovation as well as implementing an innovation process. 

Business Improvement Architects will start your journey into innovation by comparing the benchmark information with your unique culture, products and services, strengths and weaknesses and, of course, your strategic imperatives.  This will also help you define "What is innovation?" for your organization.

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