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Project & Quality Management Success System

Benchmark Performance

Productive Project Cultures

Audit Projects

Evaluate Project and Quality Processes

Team Effectiveness

Strategic Quality Planning

Project Success Structures

Coaching Project Leaders
and Teams

Implement Project and
Quality Management

Project and Quality Management Training

Improve Project and Quality Management

Effective project and quality management is critical for operational success. Business Improvement Architects has world class expertise in project and quality management. We can help your organization create a successful project culture and increase project quality planning competency with project management training, quality team training and business analyst training. We provide project consulting to help you improve your project management success with project audits or to help you establish a project management office. Our proven Project and Quality Management Success System™ is backed by intensive research and development.
  1. Benchmark current organizational performance
  2. Establish a productive project management culture
  3. Audit projects to identify challenges and improvement opportunities
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of project and quality processes and tools
  5. Monitor the effectiveness of project teams
  6. Develop a strategic quality plan
  7. Create a structure to increase the success of projects
  8. Coach project leaders and project teams to close any performance gaps
  9. Implement project and quality teams to close any performance gaps
  10. Train employees to improve quality and project management performance
Project & Quality Success System™ "Business Improvement Architects drove the process to develop a standard protocol and methodology for all levels of the organization to apply consistently and developed a customized GWL Project Management Approach."
Director of IT, Great West Life Realty


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